Press Releases

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Press Rules

All press requests should be sent to the Communications/Marketing team by clicking here.

While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The ‘x’ in ‘TEDx’ stands for “independently organized events.” Any headline or text which implies “TED” is coming to Indianapolis is misleading. For more information on TEDx, visit

Members of the press are not allowed to take pictures of or film/videotape the TEDxIndianapolis event. If interested, they may reach out to the Communications/Marketing team and they can provide selections.

Brand Guidelines

  • Font: Helvetica (may use Arial only if a version of Helvetica is not available)
    • No bolding, italics, underlines
    • Weight must be Regular
  • Letter-spacing
    • set to 0
  • Color
    • The name of the event following TEDx, can only be in black/white depending on background.
    • TED Red (Pantone 485)
      • CMYK: 0/100/100/0
      • RGB: 230/43/30
      • Web #e62b1e
    • Pantone Black
      • CMYK: 70/50/30/100
      • RGB: 0/0/0
      • Web: #000000
  • Background Color
    • Must be solid white or black with logo aligned to the left margin.
    • Cannot have any other colors, photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds behind the logo.
  • Clear Space
    • Must have minimum buffer zone of at least .25 inches of clear space on all sides of logo
      • Clear space meaning: no colors, photographic, patterned or illustrative background.
      • Must be solid white or black background.

Brand Logos